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Rainbow Fluorite Towers

Rainbow Fluorite Towers


Rainbow Fluorite


Protection Clarity Intellect Inner Peace Free Spirit


Affirmations: I am clear and decisive with my decisions and intentions.


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🌛 Zodiac: Pisces, Capricorn

🌛 Birthstone:

🌛 Chakra: All


🌛 Element: Air

🌛 Energy:



🌛 Rainbow Fluorite, also called Multi-colored Fluorite, displays multiple bands of varying hues of Fluorite. It is ideal for the overall cleansing and repair of the auric field and for activating and energizing all chakras. It calms a chaotic mind and promotes free thinking, flexibility, and freedom of choice. It empowers one to verbalize their ideas and needs with confidence and to embrace self-sufficiency by not resting one’s happiness in the hands of others. Meditation with this mineral can help reveal the truth of a relationship and is marvelous for releasing suppressed emotions and facilitating life changes. Rainbow Fluorite is an excellent talisman for “Indigo Children” to experience simplicity, safety, and love in this dimension. It is an excellent crystal for gaining access to and traversing alternate realities. It may also be used to remove ethereal cords and to shield against psychic attack.

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