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Genuine Malachite Bracelet

Genuine Malachite Bracelet

SKU: MB6mm



Healing malachite soothes the heart and brings peace.


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🌛 Zodiac:  Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn

🌛 Birthstone: April & May

🌛 Chakra: Solar: Plexus & Heart  

🌛Planet:  Saturn & Pluto

🌛 Element: Fire

🌛 Energy: Absorbs

🌛 Works with:  Chrysocolla, Rose Quartz, Agate, and Lapis Lazuli


🌛 Primary Use: When malachite comes into your life, expect big changes to occur. It helps us be in flow with the universe and allows us to harness that flow into a state of co-creation. It will bring clear visions from universal guidance to help us make our dreams manifest into the physical. Malachite will not only bring memories to life, it will also literally bring dreams to life.


Information of Crystal:

Malachite is a stone of transformation. It will assist anyone on a journey of change, while providing healing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. It helps to balance both sides of your brain, as well as your emotions. Malachite is also a stone of protection. It aids in repelling negative energies by strengthening your aura and your natural energetic field. Malachite also opens the heart to empathy, love, and new experiences. Malachite can be used for balance, confidence, and abundance.


Keep in mind:

When it comes to crystals, perfection relies on their uniqueness. Stones are natural minerals that present unique patterns and colors; therefore, no two gemstones or crystals will ever be the same. Please, be aware that, as natural objects, their appearance can vary from the images shown, and they may contain tiny fissures and pits. Please expect to find inclusions and beautiful markings within the crystal itself.


✵Cleanse and Charge:

Cleanse your Malachite by holding under running water for two minutes. To recharge, leave overnight in a garden or yard, or bag and bury it in the earth for a night. 

✨Cleansing ✨ Success ✨ Protection ✨Strength ✨ Confidence ✨ Balance


✵ Affirmations: I release all that holds me back. I am open to receiving love.

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