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Blue Onyx Points

Blue Onyx Points


Blue Lux- Blue Onyx


Angelic Communication Calming and Patience Meditation Peace of Mind


Affirmations: I accept that there will be challenges when pursuing my goals. I have the knowledge and ability to overcome anything in my path.


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🌛 Zodiac: Leo, Capricorn

🌛 Birthstone: July

🌛 Chakra: Throat, Third Eye

🌛Planet: Mercury, Neptune

🌛 Element:  Water

🌛 Energy:



🌛 Blue Onyx is excellent for meditation and dreaming, as a stone for bringing order to the chaotic mind. Another name is known as Lumerian Aquatine Calcite, it helps us to feel confident in our exploration of the ethereal realms as we reach spiritual expansion. It can be used to find a natural balance between feminine and masculine energies. Blue Onyx has been used to enhance intuition, remove toxic traits and help cancel negative habits.

Blue Onyx is a stone of the throat chakra that opens your communicative skills to not only yourself but also the world around you. It is much easier for you to talk about your heartfelt emotions when you are at peace with yourself, and working with Blue Onyx will help you achieve that.

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