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Carnelian Dragonfly Carvings

Carnelian Dragonfly Carvings


Revitalize with invigorating “feel-better’ Carnelian!


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🌛 Zodiac: Aries♈️, Cancer♋️, Leo♌️, Virgo♍️

🌛 Birthstone: Leo

🌛 Chakra:  Root & Sacral

🌛Planet:  Sun

🌛 Element: Fire

🌛 Energy: Absorbs

🌛 Works with: Clear quartz, Malachite, Sardonyx


🌛 Primary Use: Promotes security and safety, promotes courage, amplifies, or provides energy, promotes willpower and determination, aids in overcoming abuse, increases vitality.

Information of Crystal:

This stone ranges in color from Orange to orange-red, and it may have inclusions or bands of brown, yellow, or white. One form, spiderweb carnelian, has multiple threadlike bands of white running through it. Carnelian is a translucent, vividly colored stone.


✵Keep in mind:


When it comes to crystals, perfection relies on their uniqueness. Stones are natural minerals that present unique patterns and colors; therefore, no two gemstones or crystals will ever be the same. Please, be aware that, as natural objects, their appearance can vary from the images shown, and they may contain tiny fissures and pits. Please expect to find inclusions and beautiful markings within the crystal itself.

Courage Willpower Determination Protection against envy Boosting Energy


Affirmations:          Go with your gut!

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